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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

12:27 AM

Teen pornfat porn woman


Related article: Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 15:11:27 -0500 From: Guy Priel Subject: David and BrandonAll the usual disclaimers apply. This is a story involving consensual sex between the principal characters, which includes an adult male and a pre-pubescent boy. If this type of story offends you, or is not to your liking, then leave now. This is not true. It is merely a figment of the author's imagination. The author does not condone unsafe sex, and does not encourage sex with underage people. Comments are always welcome at gpndchotmail.com.David & Brandon By Lewis Adams hot teens getting fucked David never would have free redheaded teen porn imagined something like that could happen. Yeah, he expected it would later in life, but not just two months after his 40th birthday. But, there he sat, with his 7-year-old son Aaron and his 5-year-old daughter Sara, at his wife's funeral. She had died in childbirth, giving birth to their son Jason. The doctor had warned her it would be a difficult pregnancy, since she had had complications with the other two pregnancies. There had been complications at the last minute, and she was not able to pull through. Jason was not at the funeral, young 17 teen porn he was across town being taken care of by 9-year-old Brandon, the son of a friend David had had since high school. "I'm really sorry, David," Richard said after the funeral. "If there is anything we can do to help you through this difficult time, just let us know." "Thanks. Having Brandon take care of Jason is a huge help." "He doesn't mind," Richard said. "He's been taking care of Daniel ever since he was born. He seems to have a knack for taking care of babies. Unusual talent for a 9-year-old. teen pussy mpegs Melissa wants you to come to our place for dinner. Then, we'll take the kids off your hands for a few days. I'll send Roger over later to mow your grass and all that." "Thanks," David said. "That would be great, and it would help a lot." "Hey, it's no problem. I mean, we've been friends now for over 20 years. You'd do the same thing for me. I know the kids are glad to help you out." "I guess you're right," David said, as a tear formed at the corner of his eye. They headed to teen reality handjob porn dinner. When they arrived, they were greeted at the door by Brandon, who was holding a very peaceful Jason, sleeping contentedly. David smiled at the sight. It was the first time he had smiled since his wife had died. After dinner, David went home, leaving Sara and Aaron behind so he could get things in order around his house. "Do you really think it was such a good idea leaving him alone like that?" Melissa asked. "Alone with his grief? I mean he's had the children there to help him through this." "Maybe you're right," Richard said. Melissa looked up as Brandon came in holding Jason in a towel. Brandon was wearing a pair of shorts. "I've just finished giving him a bath and I'm heating his milk," Brandon said. "Once I've fed him I'll put a diaper on him and put him in bed. It's the weirdest thing, though. He keeps trying to suck my chest. I guess I should keep my shirt on when I'm holding him." They all laughed as Brandon went to check on the milk and to put a diaper on Jason. "Maybe we should at least take Jason and Brandon over there," Melissa said. "Jason represents life in death. The older kids can stay here for a week, but Jason may be the key to helping David through this." "Why take Brandon?" Richard asked. "I think David needs someone to help him take care of Jason. Aaron and Sara don't seem able to help him do that." "I think that'll work. David is like an uncle to the kids, and I've known him a long time. I don't think there'll be any problems," Richard said. "He really needs to hire a nanny, but having a woman around this soon may not be a good thing for him either. Besides, gay teen studio he has offered to pay Roger to mow the grass, so he may pay Brandon for taking care of Jason. And it'll only be for a week." Brandon was the second youngest of the children. His brother Daniel was five years younger than him, but his brother Roger was 15. Their other children, asia teen gangbangs porn Amy, was teen porn bbs 17, and Erica was 19. About an hour later, Melissa went upstairs to check on the children and to tell Brandon what they were going to do. Brandon and Aaron were playing Monopoly as Jason lay contentedly in his teen porn bbs crib. "Brandon, in the morning we are taking you and Jason over to Aaron's house," she said. "We think that will be just what David needs to help him through this. Your dad and I think having Jason around will help him recover quicker from his wife's death, and having you there will give him have someone to take care of Jason." "Yeah," Aaron said, "Dad's not good at changing diapers and all that stuff." "Okay, mom," Brandon said. "If you think it'll help." "I think it will, and we'll keep Aaron and Sara here with us for another week." "Okay, mom," Brandon said. "Let me get some things in a bag." "We'll take you over in the morning. Sleep well, son. I'll come in later to tuck the two of you in." A while later, she went to tuck the boys in. Aaron was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and Brandon was wearing just his underwear. They were snuggled up together. She went in, covered them up, kissed them both on the cheek, placed Jason hot horny teen porn on his stomach, covered him with a blanket and quietly closed the door. The next morning, after breakfast, Brandon put a few clothes into a bag and picked up Jason. David was surprised to see them, but glad they were there. He gave Brandon a hug, and took Jason away. "Thank you for bringing him," David said. "I was really down in the dumps last night. I had free redheaded teen porn a very rough night." "I am going to stay here for a few days and help you take care of Jason," Brandon said. "Aaron said you don't know much about taking care of babies." "Well, I guess it's something I'll have to learn pretty quick at this point," he said. Brandon turned away and started to cry. "Uh, Brandon. Thanks for offering. Come in. You can put your bag in Aaron's room." Brandon headed into the house, smiling. He then turned and gave his parents teen foot sex a kiss goodbye. "Goodbye son," Melissa said. "You take good care of Jason and David. We'll see you in a few days." "Okay, mom." David closed the door and showed Brandon to Aaron's room. He placed Jason in the crib as Brandon headed for the living room, hoping to find some video games or movies. "Go ahead and make yourself at home, Brandon," David said awkwardly. "So, tell me. How did you end up liking babies so much?" "Well, when my brother Daniel was born, I was 5. I thought it was so neat having a baby brother. I was there when my mom bathed him, changed his diaper and fed him. I watched and learned how she did it all. I wanted to learn. Then, I just started doing it all myself." "That's quite unusual for a boy your age. You should be outside playing, riding bikes, all those kinds of things, not staying inside and taking care of babies." "Well, Daniel's not a baby anymore," nude teen amateurs Brandon said, laughing. "He grew up. Now we do all those things together. I guess having helped with his diapers and all those things helped us get closer as brothers. My other brother is too old to be close to and never really had much time for me. I wanted to make sure Daniel had a big brother." "I wish Aaron could be more like you," David said. "He just doesn't have much use for his baby brother. I mean, I can understand Sara, in a way, since she is so young. Although, she plays with her dolls and it seems like having a baby around would be better. I guess I always thought that's what girls did, but she hasn't taken well to Jason either." "Why didn't you ever learn how to take care of a baby?" "I guess I never wanted to take the time. I mean, I like spending time with Aaron and Sara. We go places together and do things together. But, when they were babies, I kept my distance. I always felt in the way, and Esther was there to take care of them. I guess that's why I waited so long to start a family. Now, Esther's gone, and I feel so helpless, Brandon." He suddenly felt stupid, talking this way to a 9-year-old, but something about Brandon made him an easy person to talk to. teen kate porn And, Brandon didn't seem to mind. "No reason to feel helpless," Brandon said. "That's why my parents brought me over here. I'll help you out, and by the end of the week, you should be able to take care of everyone again." Just then, Jason woke up and started to cry. Brandon got up and headed for the bedroom. He reached into the crib and felt his diaper. "Ah, free redheaded teen porn it's okay. teen fuck movies He just needs to be changed." "Okay," David said, removing the wet diaper. "Uh, it's always a good idea to cover him up after you take his diaper off." "Oh, yeah, wouldn't want him to get cold," David said. "Uh, no," Brandon said. "It's not that. Boys will pee in your face if you're not careful." "They'll do that when they're older, too," David laughed. Brandon showed him how to change Jason's diaper and then rocked him back to sleep. David found it strangely erotic and started to get an erection. He tried in vain to hide it, as Brandon turned away from the crib and saw the obvious rise in David's pants. Both of them turned red. "That happens to me a lot too," Brandon said. "Especially when I'm giving Jason a bath." "Really?" David asked. "Yeah. It's weird." "It's not weird. It's just a boy thing." A few hours later, David took Brandon out for pizza, then to a movie. Having Brandon around had a calming affect on Jason, who remained quiet through most of the evening. It had a strange effect on David, too, who found Brandon easier to talk to than most 9 year olds. When they arrived back at David's house, Brandon went and bathed Jason and put him to bed, and went to brush his teeth. In a few minutes, he had changed into his pajamas and had just climbed into Aaron's bed, when David came in. "Uh, Brandon. I was wondering if you would like to sleep in my bed tonight." "Really?" "Yeah. I could use the company. I haven't slept alone in several years. Last night it was really hard hardcore amateur teen porn to fall asleep in there by myself." "Okay," Brandon said, heading into David's room. "This will be a first for me too. I share a room with my brother, but I've never shared a bed teen kate porn with someone." David felt a little guilty asking Brandon to share his bed. Not that he expected anything to happen, since he really wasn't into boys, but he couldn't share the odd erotic feelings he had gotten when he saw Brandon rocking Jason. It was that vision that had compelled him to ask Brandon to share his bed. Brandon climbed into the king sized bed as David went to brush his teeth. When he came into the bedroom, Brandon was sitting up waiting, with a big grin on his face. As David climbed under the covers, Brandon snuggled in against him. David placed his arm on Brandon's back and shifted to adjust his erection, which was now slamming against his boxers. David leaned in close and, very gently, planted a kiss on Brandon's cheek. He took his finger and traced Brandon's earlobe, moving down his cheek and along his jaw. Brandon started to get an erection, relishing the gentle touch of David's hand. As Brandon shifted, David grinned, knowing he was aroused. "This is weird," David thought to himself. "Here I am touching a boy, and I'm getting aroused." Brandon, sensing that something was wrong, turned and looked at David. "Is something wrong?" "Not really. I was just thinking." Brandon turned around to face David. He started tracing the line of David's jaw, cheek and ear with his finger, just as David teen lips porn had his. Brandon reached over and ran his fingers through the hairs on David's chest, tracing each nipple. David sighed contentedly. Brandon moved his hand down and traced the hairs on David's stomach. David reached over and took Brandon's jaw in his hand and, bending over, kissed him gently on the lips. Brandon opened his mouth and their tongues met. David caressed the inside of Brandon's mouth with his tongue for a few minutes, as he slowly unbuttoned Brandon's pajama top. Brandon continued to run his hand through the hair on David's stomach, placing his finger in David's belly button. Once David had unbuttoned Brandon's pajama top, he started caressing Brandon's nipples, which stiffened under his touch. He gently rubbed Brandon's smooth chest and stomach, while they continued kissing. Finally, David pulled away and looked Brandon in the eyes. "Are you okay, Brandon?" "Yeah, why?" "You're so quiet." "I was enjoying the touch," Brandon said. "It feels good." "Thanks. My wife and I used to do this all the time. It was a great feeling. I miss it." "It hasn't been that long ago," Brandon said. "Yeah, it has. Actually, it's been a few months. We stopped when she got pregnant. And, then, she got sick." Changing the subject before David started crying, Brandon said, "I like it." "That's good," David said, as he leaned in close and kissed Brandon on the lips again. Continuing where they had left off, David once again ran his hand along Brandon's smooth chest and stomach, stopping just at the waist wet free teen porn band to his pajama bottoms. Brandon ran his hand through the hair on David's chest and stomach, also stopping at the waist band of David's boxers. Finally, teen orgys David reached down and placed his hand gently on the front of Brandon's pajamas. He could feel the firm boy flesh throbbing just below his reach. Not wanting to be outdone, Brandon reached down and placed his hand gently on the front of David's boxers. He could feel the throbbing 6 inches as David moaned. They stopped kissing as David shifted position teen orgys on the bed, so Brandon was lying next to him rather than leaning against his side. He reached over and boldly put his hand inside Brandon's pajamas. Finding the opening of his briefs, he reached his index finger inside and touched the throbbing 3 ½ inches inside. He smiled, as teen pornfat porn woman Brandon gasped. "Have you ever had anyone touch it? I mean, besides your mother when she bathed you," David said. "Yeah," Brandon said. "Actually, Aaron has touched it before, and some of my friends from school. But^Å" "But, what?" "I've never touched a man's before," he said, as he reached inside David's boxers and placed his finger on David's member. He ran his finger along the length of it, enjoying the feeling." "That's cool," David said. "No one has ever touched it like that before." He removed his boxers so Brandon could feel the entire thing without any problems. Lying there in the hot horny teen porn darkness with Brandon's smooth fingers touching him sent him nearly over the edge. Before he realized what was happening, he felt something wet touch his cock in the darkness. It took him a few seconds to realize that Brandon was actually giving him a blow job. He moaned as Brandon ran his tongue along the entire shaft from his balls to the head. Then, he engulfed the head of David's cock with his mouth and started sucking. He got about 3 inches in his mouth before David exploded. Brandon swallowed calmly, relishing every drop. David lay there for a few minutes as his pulse slowed and his breathing calmed. "That was incredible. Did you learn that from Aaron?" "I didn't learn that from anyone. One of my friends at school talked about doing that once. I just wanted to see what it was like." David leaned over and kissed Brandon, as he reached down and removed Brandon's pajama bottoms and briefs. He fondled Brandon's 3 ½ inches for a few minutes and decided to return the favor. "I haven't done this before, either. But, I guess there's a first time for everything." He leaned down and took Brandon's entire length in his mouth, sucking slowly. Brandon gasped as David started sucking slowly, then more rapidly. After about 10 minutes, his breathing got heavier and he started to tense. He felt weak in the knees as his muscles started to tighten. Then, letting out a huge gasp, teen models xxx Brandon's body went limp and he felt a strange sensation in his dick as he was overcome with orgasm. Despite being dry, David could tell he had had a great time. They moved so they could once again kiss deeply. "That was incredible," David said. "Yeah, awesome," Brandon said. "I have never felt anything like that before in my life." "What's the matter?" David asked, sensing the virgin teen girl porn disappointment in Brandon's voice. "Nothing came out. When I sucked you, I got a mouth full of something sweet and bitter. But, teen porn cumshots when you sucked me nothing happened." "You're only 9," David said. "Stuff will come out when you get older. Then, it will be even more special when someone makes love to you. It was special for me, because we shared it together." "Maybe I'll be able to share it with you when I'm older, then," Brandon said. "Maybe," David said. "All I know is, it was great making love to you. I don't teen insest porn ever remember when making love was so incredible." "Making love? Is that we did?" "That's what it's called when two people share emotions together," David said. "I believe that's what we just did. And you want to know something even more incredible?" "What?" "I think I've fallen in love with you," David said. "I know it sounds crazy, but that's exactly how I feel. And, even better, you now have some of what made Aaron, Sara and Jason inside you." "If it's possible for a boy to love a man, then I think I've fallen in love with you too." "Of course it's possible," David said. "I've proven that. You have made losing my wife more bearable." "What 100 free teen porn did you mean when you said I now have some of what made Aaron, Sara and Jason inside me?" Brandon teen porn bbs asked. "That stuff that came out when you sucked me," David said. "It's called sperm. It's what makes babies." "Oh," teen reality handjob porn Brandon said, shocked. "Does that mean I'm going to have a baby? I'm asian teen porn free going to give them a brother? Does that mean we're going to get married?" "Whoa. Slow down there Brandon," David said. "First off, loving someone doesn't mean they'll automatically have a baby. We can love each other without that complication. Besides, you can help take care of Jason as long as you want. Second, boys can't have babies, so you can rest your mind on that. Anyway, swallowing it wouldn't make you pregnant anyway, even woman can't get pregnant that way. And, finally, I wish we could get married, but I don't think anyone would understand, especially your parents. It'll be hard enough explaining all this to Sara and Aaron." "Oh, okay. I love you , David," Brandon said, leaning over and kissing David on the lips. The kiss made him erect once again. He was amazed at his age that he would be able to get it up again that quickly. There was just something about, Brandon, though that excited him. Within a few minutes, David had reached his full length again. "Ill be right back," he told Brandon, as he got out of bed and went into the bathroom. In the bathroom he found a jar of Vaseline that Esther had used when Jason free redheaded teen porn had diaper rash. He opened it up, saw it was almost full and took a deep breath, not sure he really wanted to do what he was thinking of doing. He headed into the bedroom, where he saw Brandon sitting up in bed waiting for him. "Whatcha got behind your back?" Brandon asked. "Just some Vaseline," David said, showing Brandon the jar. "Just in case I need it for something later." He climbed back into bed and they started kissing again. Within a couple of minutes, David was once again at his full length. While they kissed, David reached down and touched Brandon's smooth butt with his hand. He reached over and opened the jar of Vaseline, which he had laid on the bed beside them, and put a small amount on his index finger. He reached over again and placed his hand on Brandon's smooth butt, relishing the feel. He reached his middle finger over and found the crack between Brandon's butt cheeks and traced that down to his virginal hole. Once he found the hole, he reached his greased index finger down and started rubbing it around. Brandon gasped. David pushed the tip of his finger against Brandon's hole and felt it start to open. He pushed slowly, spreading the Vaseline around the opening. He managed to push all the way to the first knuckle. He pulled his hand back, reached into the Vaseline jar again, and added yet more to his finger. Returning to Brandon's hole, he pushed until he managed to get his finger all the way past the second knuckle. He pulled his hand out again and greased up his middle finger. He then pushed both fingers in to the first knuckle, then the second, then all the way to teen slut vids the hand. Getting more brave, he removed both fingers, dipped his index finger, middle finger and ring finger into the jar one more time and tried again with all three fingers. This time, he felt a little resistance from Brandon. Pulling out of the kiss, he said, "Brandon, darling, could you loosen that muscle there just a little bit for me?" "I'll try," Brandon said. "Is this part of making love?" "It's just another way. And this way is even more special, because only men can experience it." Brandon smiled, realizing he had just been called a man, and concentrating on relaxing the muscle David had indicated, as they started kissing again. This time, he managed to get all three fingers in as far as the first knuckle. He kept pushing until he had managed to get all three fingers to the second knuckle, then finally, all the way to the hand. Brandon sighed. While still kissing, David reached into the jar of Vaseline and started greasing up his cock, giving it a generous amount. Then, he pulled out of the kiss and said, "Brandon, honey, would you face away from me and raise your leg just a little?" "Okay," Brandon said, wanting to please David. David tunneled his arm under Brandon, so he could still touch his chest. He then leaned over and started kissing Brandon's neck and ear, while he moved ever closer to Brandon's well-greased hole. Finally, finding his mark, he gave a slight push. He managed to get the head of his cock into Brandon before he heard a stifled scream. Brandon had pushed his head into the pillow, almost as if he knew there would be pain. David stopped. "I'm sorry. I'll stop." "No," Brandon said. "I think I'll be okay. I was just surprised." "No," David said. "You were hurt. That's why you screamed." "It didn't hurt that much," Brandon said. "I just wasn't expecting it. Go ahead." "Are you sure?" "Yeah," Brandon said, putting his face back into the pillow. "Okay, but I'll pull out when you want me to. Just say something and I'll stop. Love isn't worth this." Brandon nodded. David continued to push in a millimeter at a time. He could see Brandon wince in pain for a few seconds, as tears started rolling down his cheek. David continued to push, as Brandon whimpered. After a few minutes of pushing, Brandon seemed to relax as a slight smile formed at the corner of his mouth. He pushed back and let David further into him. Finally, David seemed to reach a point where he could go no further in. He guessed he was about 5 inches in already. Suddenly, he gave one final teen pussy mpegs push and felt himself slam against Brandon with his balls. Having reached his goal, he started moving slowly in and out, as Brandon continued to relax. He reached over and took Brandon's dick in his hand while he kissed Brandon on the neck. Since he had already ejaculated once that night, he knew it would take a while before he was able to do it again. He could feel Brandon throbbing in his fingers with every thrust, realizing he must be harcore teen porn pushing against his prostate, giving him a rare pleasure. About 20 minutes later, David reached his orgasm as he started feeling pleasure spurting out of harcore teen porn his teen porn cumshots body and into Brandon. Brandon also tensed as David realized he had also reached his second orgasm of the night. "Does that mean I'm going to have a baby now?" Brandon asked. "And will he look like Jason?" "No, Brandon, dear, I told you boys can't have babies." "Oh, okay," Brandon said, with a touch of teen porn bbs disappointment in his voice. "That doesn't stop me from loving you for a long time to come," David said. "You can think of Jason as `our' baby." Brandon smiled, as he snuggled against David, who was teen orgys still buried deep inside him. They lay there like that, until they eventually fell asleep. Two hours later, they were awakened by Jason's crying. Brandon put on his pajama bottoms and went to check on him, while David washed up, happier than he had been in a long time. It was the beginning of a great week for the couple.* * * * * * *This is, possibly, harcore teen porn the first chapter of a saga. It can stand alone as it is, but whether or not there are more chapters depends on the response. For similar stories by the same author, please see "Nathan and Ryan" and "Alex and Patrick."
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